Canon 70D vs Canon 80D comparison review

Pursuing your photography, you are sometimes undecided to what camera you will buy, and you sometimes wonder what the differences of one camera to another are. One brand of camera is Canon, which sometimes has cameras that look the same but has different specifications. Having to decide which one from Canon 70D and Canon 80D requires you to dig into their differences, and see which of which the best to buy is. Let’s see which from Canon 70D vs Canon 80D will win your heart.

Release Date

Canon 70D was released first. It was last October 2013, while Canon 80D has released 3 years after, February 2016.


70D has a camera resolution of 20 Megapixels, while 80D has a higher resolution of 24 Megapixels.


70D has ISO of 100 – 12800, while 80D has 100 – 16000. Both can expand up to 25600.


The price of the Canon 70D will cost you less than 80D. It has a difference of a hundred bucks. If you want a lesser price, 70D has it for you.

Battery Life

Canon 80D has a higher battery life by 40 shots than Canon 70D. It is one of the reasons why it can be chosen over 70D.


Canon 70D weighs heavier than Canon 80D. 80D only weighs 730 grams and 70D weighs 755 grams.

Headphone Port and Timelapse Recording

Only Canon 80D has these two specifications. One of the upgrades from Canon 70D to Canon 80D.

Both Canon 70D and 80D have a screen size of 3 inches, has an optical viewfinder, continuous shooting of 7 fps, a video resolution of 1920 x 1080, a wireless built-in, and a design for the weather seal.

Looking at the changes from Canon 70D to Canon 80D, Canon 80D is an upgraded version of Canon 70D. If you are looking in buying one, it’s almost always the latest one. They may have some differences and sameness, but Canon made sure that when another camera was released, it will be an upgraded and improved version for a better experience of photography.