Canon T7i lenses to buy in 2020

The Canon T7i is a fantastic DSLR ideal both for amateur photographers that take photos as a hobby and for some professional work. It’s capable of taking photos and filming in FullHD, has integrated WiFi, and an APS-C CMOS 20,2 Mpx sensor.

As with every DSLR camera, the most important aspect of a great photo is the lens you use. For the Canon T7i, you can choose from a wide selection of lenses.

Usually, the Canon T7i body comes with a Canon EF-S 18-135 mm IS STM or with a Canon EF-S 18-55 mm IS STM. The first one is a better choice, as the 18-135 mm offers a better zoom for the same image quality.

Canon T7i lenses

For better Canon T7i lenses, you can choose some from Canon or from other manufacturers. A very good option is from Sigma, the 17-70 mm f/2.8-4 OS Contemporary. This lens offers very good image quality, improving the brightness in low-light conditions. You can find this one at around 400 Euros.

An ideal solution for moments when you can’t bring with you more lenses is a super-zoom lens, that covers a long focal distance so you don’t have to keep changing the lenses depending on the distance from the object or person you want to photograph. It is ideal, for example, for taking pictures on vacations. The downside of super-zoom lenses is the lower image quality, so do not expect the same sharpness as with the standard lenses. Some good options for super-zoom are Tamron 18-270 VC and Sigma 18-200 mm Contemporary.

On the opposite, a short focal distance lens is used for macro photography. These lenses have better image quality, but you have to be very close to your subject, so you may end up blocking the light or scaring the subject. The best image quality comes from the Canon EF-S 60 mm Macro USM lens.

Lastly, for capturing a wide overview, you need a wide-angle lens. The best option is the Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM. It lacks in build quality but it offers impressive performance for a great price.

Choosing the best lens for a given situation is very important, so be sure you are using the best option available.

My Nikon D3500 bundle review guide

For people who love to take photos and record videos, there is everything from the Nikon D3500 bundle to meet your requirements.

Nikon D3500 bundle

With the right Nikon D3500 bundle, you will be capable of allowing you to choose the highest quality videos and photos. It is sturdy with the ISO performance, which can assist you to shoot in different conditions, including bright exterior scenery to the decent interiors and vice versa. Here is the best Nikon D3500 bundle buying guide.

Functionality and features

You need to check always your specific features before you buy it. Take note of the memory card to know if the capacity can increase the holding capacity. Also, it is crucial to check at the zoom lens for its compatibility and lightweight to allow you to see and magnify things that other cameras can’t see. The image sensor must be cheaper than that used on smartphones.


Another D3500 bundle buying guide to keep in mind when looking for the best deals in the initial cost. There are several types of Nikon bundles available, and not all cost the same price. Some are expensive, while others are cheaper and so require a fixed budget. You do not have to spend the lifetime savings to buy the bundle for Nikon D3500, look for what you may buy without being overly limited.


The best crucial thing for the Nikon bundle buying guide is to do research. You need to understands what you need to do for research. There are many Nikon D3500 bundles types available, so you need to compare them and see which one best for your needs. An online search can be done several, and you can be sure of getting the best deals.

Look for recommendation

For the Nikon D3500 bundle buying guide, you can ask the colleagues to guide you in choosing the D3500 package. If you are having friends who bought the Nikon D3500, seek guidance from them on the natural process. It is the easiest way to find the bundle.

Understanding Canon T6 bundle and lenses

The Canon Rebel T6 remains the more suitable DSLR camera that can be found presently which gives incredible value for money. It’s a camera chosen by very many beginner photographers. Photography remains a big reward and taking time to understand the Canon T6 bundle plans would save one extra money.

Canon T6 bundle kit

You should look out for the following accessories in a good bundle;

A look at the T6 Lenses

Canon Rebel T6 lens

Buying the right Canon Rebel T6 lens remains what one needs. It is economical to purchase Canon T6 two lens-bundles that arrives with the focal range from on 18mm-300mm. That allows one to enhance adaptability in photography and it is ideal for beginners. One can also recognize purchasing prime-lenses and one lens bundle for Canon T6. Both are powerful and come with advanced characteristics and functionalities.

Extra-batteries come in handy for Canon T6

Always give attention to buying extra batteries for one’s camera for convenience. The spare battery remains very essential when one intends to embark on a long photo shoot adventure.

Tripods are important for the bundle kit

They are a must-have accessory so, you should make sure the T6 bundle comes with tripods to avoid being frustrated as a new photographer because the tripods give the photographer freedom to shoot as it keeps the bundle still.


The Canon T6 has an inbuilt-flash, but the external flash provides you the powerful light origin while shooting at night, particularly videos.

The T6 bundle should have a Remote-control shutter

This is important because it gives you the option of flexibility which is a good thing since you can conveniently operate the shutter remotely if you have the intention of being in the picture you’re taking.

A Camera bag

This allows you to protect your Canon T6 camera and the entire bundle accessories from possible mishandling.

The memory capacity of the T6 Rebel

The memory is an integral part of the camera, without which the camera will be regarded as useless since pictures or videos are get saved in the memory automatically. It is therefore important that you check to see that the memory cards and memory capacity meet your photography needs.

For more Canon T6 bundle information visit

Landscape lens for Canon Rebel T6i

There are a lot of factors which determines someone choice when they are trying to make a choice of the lens that is best for their job. The Canon Rebel T6i featuring a 24.2 megapixel has been rated highly since they launched in the year 2018 and the canon has been offering good performances in almost every way.

best lenses for Canon T6i

Listed below are the best lenses for Canon T6i for landscape photography which are majorly designed for the Canon T6i to bring out its features.

Best Landscape Lenses for Canon T6i

Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM

This lens offers a very excellent zoom performance. Its aperture is a bit smaller at 10mm. this lens assures you of a very good picture quality. The STM feature in it allows you to make records of videos very easily.

The lens can also be adjusted for a wider view because its range is between 10 to 18mm.
It has an image stabilizer which is optical which is integrated inside the lens in order to be able to minimize the camera appearance when shaken.

Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM

This camera lens its peculiar in its appearance when compared to its other counterparts. The lens works exceptionally. This would do if what you are looking for it’s a compact, light and short lens.

Canon Rebel T6i

The lens fit into the Canon T6i perfectly and its very perfect to make use of when video recording because the lens features both the STM and the FTM- that is Full-Time Manuel Focus). This allows you to be able to focus your lens manually even if it has set down to AF.

This lens is very ideal for the newbies who are justing learning the concepts about photography.

Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM

This is a very powerful lens. The lens allows you to be able to cover standard, even and wide distances without effort. The lens gives quality pictures because you can be able to zoom to 250mm.

Why you should consider the Nikon D3300 bundle

Is it really that you are looking for a good financial plan but is the best and permanent digital SLR camera? After all, the Nikon D3300 DSLR is here. It’s the best type of digital SLR camera. Compatible with the average value, unique features for new photo makers, 24.2MP and, in addition, small and lightweight, so it’s easy.

Why buy the Nikon D3300 bundle?

Nikon D3300 bundle

Getting the D3300 bundle helps you save money and gives you the best bonus and priority points for your camera. Below is part of your controls when buying a Nikon D3300 package.

Memory card

The maximum capacity area is always basic, especially when you leave your PC. Minimum storage will prevent many opportunities for shooting according to the fact that the memory is coming faster. So, consider some features when you get the Nikon D3300 record. You can choose to purchase from 16 to 32 GB for large images, from 64 to 128 GB for additional recordings, also, check out the speed of capabilities.

Important features for the D3300 bundle

Nikon D3300 Lens

Nikon D3300 lenses

The basic point of Nikon D3300 is the core elements that are involved in the type and nature of the image produced by the image. It also helps to collect the light and take a clear picture. There are different types of Nikon D3300 lenses for all types of photography. In this line, as a buyer, make sure you buy the best points that fit your photo shoot.

Chargeable charger with battery

The battery is also an important tool for Nikon D3300 since it provides power to zoom and shoot. Make sure you have at least two batteries at the same time for the shooting session and, in addition, always remember the camera device that has AC or DC controls. Also, buy the first battery for your camera adjustment.


When using a camera bag, remember the trip trim, as it helps you to take pictures with clear and consistent pictures, because it fully accepts the D3300 camera. This trip is important if you would like to take games and pictures of the area. Make sure you buy three times that has been made by carbon fiber since then, it’s light, easy.

Backpack, packet, and case

These items are compatible with stylish and expensive accessories. Later, when you buy Nikon D3300 bundle, make sure you buy warranty bonds since they will get safe and also prepare photo accessories when they are moving to the shooting session. Other defense pieces include; pocket is mounted on top seat, trap tab and elastic belt.

My Nikon D3400 Bundle Review

Are you looking forward to purchasing Nikon D3400 bundle and you have no clue on what to consider first? Well, relax since you are in the right place.

Nikon D3400 bundle

Before investing your hard earned money in Nikon D3400 bundle, you should first ensure you have considered all features that would help you to make a sound choice. Thus, in this article, I have covered what you should know before buying a Nikon D3400 bundle.

• Bundle deals

Before purchasing from dealers, ensure you have checked the prices before settling on whether to buy or not.

Some Nikon D3400 bundle package offer discounts on this camera to make it affordable.
Thus, ensure you have compared various prices offered on the market in order to get the best deal ever. This will help you save some money since you will go to the one offering the most affordable prices.

• Specifications

Before purchasing Nikon D3400 bundle you must ensure you are aware of the specifications that you will consider when purchasing.

Don’t be in hurry to purchase the camera from the first dealer without comparing with other deals offered on the market.

Once you get the one with the specifications and the quality you are after, then don’t hesitate to buy it and enjoy the photography right on time.

• Accessories

Knowing the specifications you need in your Nikon D3400 bundle will make it easy when purchasing one. You will not have to waste much time jumping from one camera to the other.

Among the accessories, you should ensure you have known before buying is the lenses, tripod and memory card. You should make sure that these accessories meet the quality you are looking after. Doing this will help you get the best Nikon D3400 bundle.


The discussed above are the common things that you should make sure you know before acquiring a camera bundle. Once you have known these things, purchasing it will run smoothly without any complications.

Best Canon 80D alternative

One of the best Canon 80D alternatives is the Nikon D7000. This camera use EXPEED 2 processors. Image processing engine is so extraordinary, which provide quality depth images smooth and clear. 16.2 megapixels format will maximize the sharpness of light to produce a more detailed picture, thus the object more clearly visible for each part. D7000 has followed the trend with the ability to record video with 24fps 1080p HD movie format, as well as continuous autofocus.

Canon 80D DSLR

The D7000 Nikon camera users also get the flexibility to adjust the video settings manually. HD 1080p facilities, as well as edit feature, has the capability to overcome the distortion problems that occur when recording movies. There is also an additional external microphone to record sound.

Almost all aspects of the D7000 Nikon there is a significant improvement. The camera body has a special button for a live-view and the movie. Nikon D7000 had the left button layout for accessing the MENU, the WB, the ISO, and Quality. D7000 also provides the play button to access the scene modes S, CL, CH. In addition, there is one choice Scene Mode, and 2 User Profile that can be stored (U1 and U2) to complete the PASM mode and AUTO. 3-inch LCD monitor with high-resolution (921k-dots) will display the images sharp and detailed.

39-point AF system presents a wider area of the frame. By harnessing the power of cross-type sensors, it provides an ideal composition of the object. AF point can also track objects automatically to the desired image. Nikon D7000 has two memory card slots are multi-function, namely to record images simultaneously, record the image separately, and transfer images from one card to another card. For video recording needs a memory card with a larger capacity.

The presence of D7000 makes choices DSLR cameras become more varied, particularly for a semi-professional camera. Thus, the photographer will have many options to determine the appropriate choice of DSLR cameras respectively. As a semi-pro camera, D7000 Nikon is more targeted to serious photographers who indulge a hobby of photography with a line of upscale features and affordable price.

Learn more about the Canon 80D.

Canon 70D vs Canon 80D comparison review

Pursuing your photography, you are sometimes undecided to what camera you will buy, and you sometimes wonder what the differences of one camera to another are. One brand of camera is Canon, which sometimes has cameras that look the same but has different specifications. Having to decide which one from Canon 70D and Canon 80D requires you to dig into their differences, and see which of which the best to buy is. Let’s see which from Canon 70D vs Canon 80D will win your heart.

Release Date

Canon 70D was released first. It was last October 2013, while Canon 80D has released 3 years after, February 2016.


70D has a camera resolution of 20 Megapixels, while 80D has a higher resolution of 24 Megapixels.


70D has ISO of 100 – 12800, while 80D has 100 – 16000. Both can expand up to 25600.


The price of the Canon 70D will cost you less than 80D. It has a difference of a hundred bucks. If you want a lesser price, 70D has it for you.

Battery Life

Canon 80D has a higher battery life by 40 shots than Canon 70D. It is one of the reasons why it can be chosen over 70D.


Canon 70D weighs heavier than Canon 80D. 80D only weighs 730 grams and 70D weighs 755 grams.

Headphone Port and Timelapse Recording

Only Canon 80D has these two specifications. One of the upgrades from Canon 70D to Canon 80D.

Both Canon 70D and 80D have a screen size of 3 inches, has an optical viewfinder, continuous shooting of 7 fps, a video resolution of 1920 x 1080, a wireless built-in, and a design for the weather seal.

Looking at the changes from Canon 70D to Canon 80D, Canon 80D is an upgraded version of Canon 70D. If you are looking in buying one, it’s almost always the latest one. They may have some differences and sameness, but Canon made sure that when another camera was released, it will be an upgraded and improved version for a better experience of photography.

Differences between point and shoot cameras and DSLR cameras

If you choose to get into digital photography, you will need to do a proper search. One of the most crucial things to know right currently is how to differentiate between a point and shoot cameras versus DSLR cameras. These kinds of cameras differ greatly in terms of picture quality, performance speed, size and, most importantly, cost.

DSLR camerasThe DSLR cameras

The camera is more powerful, it is quicker, and highlights than a point-and-shoot type. DSLR cameras enable you to physically control certain parts of a shot, while point and shoot cameras function best when shooting incompletely programmed mode. Computerized SLR types are more expensive and are bigger than point-and-size type cameras.

The Point and shoot cameras

This camera is sometimes known as a fixed-lens camera on the grounds that the camera can’t change the focal points. The lenses are incorporated directly with the camera body. They are as well simple to utilize, as it doesn’t offer the manual controls that the DSLR type camera offers. You just direct the camera at the object and shoot in completely programmed mode.

Point and shoot Vs. DSLR

It is not by surprise, DSLR cameras are more expensive than point-and-shoot cameras. DSLR cameras as well have a greater number of accessories than entry-level cameras, for example, adjustable focal points and external flash units. The exchangeable lenses provide the DSLR a particularly favorable position over the other type of camera, as these extra lenses enable the DSLR to change their abilities and capacities when exchanging.

DSLR lens

The main variation between the two models is the thing that the photographer sees when he takes a photo. In a digital SLR camera, the photographer mostly sees the picture directly through the lens, thanks to a progression of prisms and mirrors that reflect the focal point picture backward to the viewfinder. The point-and-shoot camera frequently does not, in any case, offer a viewfinder.